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The sound of shattering glass jolts Chloe from her daydream to find a strange man plastered up against her side at the Chicago bar she was coerced into visiting. He offers to show her a good time, and though she politely declines his invitation, he refuses to take no for an answer. She’s made an enemy with her public refusals, though she doesn’t know that. Yet.

FBI Agent James Ellis wasn’t expecting sizzling heat radiating from the dripping wet woman he notices across the lobby. He feels inexplicably pulled toward her and once they collide-literally-that fateful chance meeting throws his life into chaos and hers into instant peril.

In Your Eyes

Details Coming Soon.

In Your Embrace

FBI Agent Luke Collins didn’t realize the smoking hot woman he’d picked up in a bar was the sister of his best friend until it was too late. He’d never have slept with her if he’d known. He spent the next five years avoiding her advances until one day he didn’t.


For Amber Ellis, avoiding the sinfully sexy Luke wasn’t something she was willing to do. Despite the five years of teasing, texting, and outright seduction, he wasn’t biting until that day in her parent’s linen closet. After he finally lets loose, his harsh words cut her to the quick.


Now roles are reversed, and Luke surprisingly finds himself yearning for the flirtatious Amber of the past while she spends the next twelve months trying to forget his touch. After a year of radio silence from the woman, Luke is thrust back into her life when a case from his past threatens the life of the woman he loves.

In Your Shadow

Details Coming Soon

The Dancer