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The oldest of five children, Lindsay was the only girl in her family. Coincidently, she was also the only girl in her neighborhood as well. Because of this, she started reading at an early age but didn’t start to really enjoy it until she discovered “Chapter Books”. Her first, and favorite book series growing up was The Babysitters Club, and then as she grew older, Sweet Valley High. Those books opened her eyes to the joys of reading. She admits that at the time she associated with Mallory Pike as they both shared curly auburn hair, glasses, and braces.

Lindsay has two libraries in her home and her kindle account is home to over three-thousand books and yes, she’s read every single one of them at least once. She was fifteen years old when she read her first romance novel, The Flame and The Flower, written by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. To this day, she’s owned more than five copies of that book and it is still her favorite.

Not only is Lindsay and avid reader of all things romance, she also loves to sing, play the piano and act. Her love of music started well before she could speak and her family was quite surprised when at nine months she broke out in song and sang, “A Bushel and a Peck” before speaking a word. Her mother still tells all who will listen that Lindsay hasn’t stopped singing-or talking-since she discovered her voice.

Lindsay attended one year of college at Idaho State University where she planned to study music. Halfway through the school year she felt her love of music slipping away, so she left college for the family business. She happily became a Pet Groomer, another of her passions, and spent twenty-one years taking care of, and singing to, her client’s fuzzy friends. To this day, she will randomly bust out in song, no matter where she is. Lindsay is delighted to know that her youngest daughter and son have inherited her voice and together they sing on a daily basis.

Lindsay was married to her sweetheart in Utah and became an “insta-mom” to two sweet children. Two years later a daughter joined their family and seventeen months later, a son rounded out their family. Stories have always been part of her life and after dreaming of her first book, In Your Eyes, for one week solid, she grabbed a notebook and pen and wrote the words down. Four months later she transferred them to a computer where they grew from that first original dream. She is currently writing her third book and a fourth is starting to take shape.

During the two years it took for her to write that first book, Lindsay worked her full-time job, raised her kids, and supported (read: Chauffeured) their extracurricular music lessons and insane ballet schedules, volunteered at two different schools, kept the house running and in her spare time, she took on a second, part-time job while she put her husband through five years of graduate school. After his graduation, she and the hubs made the difficult but necessary decision to close her business and move to Northern Idaho.

While she misses her family, friends and the customers that had become like another family, Lindsay loves her new home town and the wonderful people she’s met. She also enjoys writing romance full time while her young children attend school.